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Crop insurance and the 2014 farm bill

Crop insurance and the 2014 farm bill

Symposium Overview

The current political climate in Washington has resulted in a paradigm shift toward alternative risk management strategies, primarily crop insurance offerings to producers, to help mitigate risks of agriculture. In 2013, AAEA supported the first Crop Insurance Symposium in a time when there was a great deal of uncertainty regarding the nature and timing of the next Farm Bill. This year’s offering, Crop Insurance Symposium II, is structured to examine and assess the consequences and implications of the 2014 Farm Bill from the perspective of agency implementation, industry adoption and producer management of federal crop insurance under the new policy paradigm where crop insurance is a primary risk management tool.

Presenter Requirements

Selected Papers are allotted 30 minutes at the meeting for presentation. Authors of accepted Selected Papers need to submit a full version of their paper to AgEcon Search no later than September 12, 2014.

Papers that miss this deadline will need to be withdrawn from the program. The full version of the paper has no length limitations, but less than 25 pages is preferred. Double-spaced, 8.5 by 11-inch, single-sided format is requested. A cover page needs to be included with the paper. Please follow theAmerican Journal of Agricultural Economics style guidelines, with the exception of the single table/figure per page convention.

All presenters also need to be registered to attend the symposium by September 12, 2014.

(Source – http://www.aaea.org/meetings/crop-insurance-and-the-2014-farm-bill-symposium)

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